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That’s right! In 1816, the year Frankenstein was born, a global phenomenon caused a change in the weather so severe, it became known as the “Year Without a Summer”, a.k.a. “Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death.” 1816’s cold summer was the most significant meteorological event of the nineteenth century, and to be alive during its [...]

Every homesteader, camper, bushcrafter, woodsmen, etc., needs to have the ability to process wood. A dull axe can be very dangerous because of having to use excessive force to chop. Chopping with a dull axe also increases the possibility of a glancing blow that can cause serious injury. Watch the video below to learn how [...]

Eating Close to the Ground

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As we sat across the desk from the doctor discussing my wife’s symptoms, I’ll never forget a phrase the doctor used while prescribing the routine for my wife to re-gain her health. She said, “Eat as close to the ground as possible.” We both understood what she meant. The doctor was referring to an organic, [...]

Everybody’s Business

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Since eating is such an important piece of our existence, why wouldn’t everybody be interested in growing food? Especially with our nation’s distressed food system. Food insecurity, food deserts, and the threat of some SHTF scenario should direct us all to take advantage of everything we can to avoid a possible food crisis, beginning with [...]

The Hood

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Have you heard about agriculture-centered neighborhoods being developed around working farms instead of golf courses? More than a small community garden, “Agrihoods” are designed and built around productive farms where residents are fully engaged in the farming lifestyle and experience. With more awareness of our food sources and the rise in popularity of tiny living, [...]

Quantum Leap to AI

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Photo Credit: newspunch.com – In 1880, around the time Thomas Edison created his first working light bulb, 50% of Americans were farming. Today, less than 2% of the nation is employed in an agricultural career. Source: Farmers Footprint Almost 40 years after Thomas Edison’s light bulb, the first “self-service” grocery store in America was opened. [...]

Powerhouse Smoothie

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More than just cool old sayings, “Let thy food be thy medicine” and “you are what you eat” are as full of truth as real food is full of nutrients we need for good health. Considering annual U.S. healthcare costs are about $3.2 trillion, roughly $10,000 per person, the importance of eating a diet that [...]

Nature’s Solution

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One time three good friends came together for a meeting. Two of the friends disagreed with the 3rd friend on some things and proceeded to set him straight. After a couple of minutes, the third friend simply said, “Well now that you have pointed out my problems, what’s your solution?” BAM!!!  If we have ever [...]


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7-day old sunflower microgreens ready for harvest Since food is one of the three main requirements for human survival, you would think having immediate access to it, and/or being able to quickly attain it, would be at the top of our priority list of things to know how to do. Unfortunately, apart from a trip [...]