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Raised on a small family farm by my elderly grandparents, I learned a great deal about sustainable living and self-reliance when I was young. It was simply the way we lived, but it has proven to be an education of great value to me.

Our family’s survival depended on practical knowledge and common sense, ingenuity, creativity and primitive skills. The simple farm life experience of growing up in that rural setting, cultivated and nurtured a love and appreciation inside of me for the natural world.

Nature grounds us and connects us to a part of ourselves that modernization suffocates. I have watched time erode the simple world of a more self-reliant lifestyle in which I grew up, into an age of increased convenience and dependence – an imbalanced trade-off in my humble opinion.

Much of the knowledge of our ancestors may seem irrelevant now to some in this modern era, but to myself and many others, its value is priceless and worth passing along. I hope to do just that with UrbanHomegrown.com, and I invite you to accompany me on the journey toward a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Happy Trails!